For a few very hard years this word was my mantra.
The word means
-undismayed; not discouraged; not forced to abandon purpose or effort
-undiminished in courage or valor; not giving way to fear
But the truth is, I was often dismayed by everything that had taken place, and I did battle discouragement. I battled fear and doubts. I hurt and was angry, and sometimes "undaunted" sounded more like a mockery than a mantra, and I was determined to be real about all of it in these posts, thus the name, Undaunted Reality. More than that, though, I was determined to live undaunted, not because I'm so great or strong, but because my God is, and no matter what this world looks like, He is the only reality that matters.
I pray I live the reality of Him beautifully undaunted.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Injured Reserve

Good morning!

I am making a quick post to let y'all know I will be mostly offline for a week or two due to a shoulder injury. Typing is extremely painful, and it is prohibiting my healing, so I need to spend as little time online as possible.

Feel free to leave comments or email me. Rob is going to help me check messages. Just know responses will be extremely short or even delayed until I can reply without pain.

As always, prayers for healing are desired!

Blessings and health to you and yours!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gratitude 9 -- Rob, The Man of my Dreams, part 1

Notice I said "part 1". I hardly think I could list all the things about Rob for which I am thankful, and even if I listed everything that came to mind today, tomorrow I might have a whole new list. That is one of the wonderful things about gratitude, it is ever seemingly redefining itself when in truth it has only set itself against a new background that highlights yet another piece of its glorious countenance.

Such is also true for my husband.

So, here, today, on a chilly Sunday morning in North Texas as our daughter, who has a head cold, sleeps on the couch and The Man of my Dreams sleeps snuggled up in our bed--this is my list of gratitude with such a backdrop.

1. He hears Anna sniffle from her room and can't sleep through it.
2. He jumps on the trampoline with the children.
3. He plays computer games with the children.
4. He will watch chick flicks without grumbling.
5. He writes down Anna's medicine schedule so I don't give meds at the wrong time.
6. He never accuses me of having the easy job.
7. He thinks tickling little boys is hysterical fun, and since the little boy in our house agrees, it works.
8. He thinks sitting in the recliner reading a book while a stuffy little girl reads on the couch is just what a daddy should do.
9. He knows where the vaporizer is and how to set it up.
10. He turns on the small fan in our bedroom and closes the door so I don't hear the sniffling, coughing, sneezing, and prep work coming from the rest of the house.
11. He will sit and watch as many videos as the children desire and never complain about boredom.
12. He always finds something to color on that blank piece of paper so we can all gather round for "non-demanding" family time.
13. He always has the energy to go get a fountain drink from Sonic to help break up congestion.
14. If you'll eat it, he'll make it or get it for you.
15. He snuggles.
16. If the video store is open, he'll get whatever you want to watch.
17. He doesn't fuss about how tired he is.
18. No matter how sick you are, he'll still kiss you on the forehead and smile at you.
19. His laughter is good medicine.
20. He never grumbles about being needed so much.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pray for America

This election has made me realize more than ever the importance of Christians actively obeying the Lord to bring about godly results in our nation.

One of the most obvious and too often forgotten acts of obedience is prayer. How much difference can prayer make? All the difference.

Zechariah 4:6 says, "'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty. " The Lord is telling a king that the battle is not determined by physical presence or ability but rather by the move of God.

2 Chronicles 7:14 says, "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

Where is the healing to be found? Not in a political platform. Not in a government program. Not in a court judment. But in the humbling of hearts before God and the outcry of need for His lordship.

"I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone—for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men—the testimony given in its proper time. I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing." --1 Timothy 2:1-6, 8

Notice Paul doesn't say to pray for just the godly leaders but all those in authority, every level, evey leader. Notice also that Paul never says, "It pleases God when these leaders make the right laws or form the right programs." No, Paul says God "wants all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth." It is easy to pray for specific issues, but the real issue is the lordship of these leaders. If they are walking with the Lord and receiving revelation from and about Him, the symptomatic issues won't be issues.

For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. -- Colossians 1:9

To help focus prayer for the United States and her leaders, I have created a new blog entitled simply Pray for America. I hope you come by often. If you want us to pray for the leaders in your area, send me an email via my profile.

We stand at an amazing point in American history. We have the opportunity to not only heal our heritage but to also reclaim our godly inheritance that previous generations either did not understand or simply did not value. We have the power to make a difference in our country.

We have the power of prayer.

Let us use that power with boldness and passion, ever seeking the Lord in praise and humility for His goodness.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Prayer for President-Elect Obama

I read an article a few minutes ago that makes my stomach hurt. Simply put, president-elect Obama has had more personal threats made toward him than any president in history, and it isn't about ideology or political affiliation. It is because he is African-American.

Dear ones, I am asking you to pray for president-elect Obama and his family. Pray for his secret service officials to have wisdom. Pray for a healing in America.

This is not about politics, folks. This is about heartborn hatred, and nothing less.

We need healing in America.

And whether you agree or disagree with the man's philosophies, the Bible says clearly to pray for our leaders. Right now, one of our leaders and his family face very real dangers, and they need our prayers.

Gratitude 8 -- 6:00 am

Most folks are thankful to sleep through 6:00 am. Sometimes I am, too, but on this particular morning as I sat on my deck, I was thankful to be awake because I'm thankful for the wonderful things 6:00 am brings with it. Such as:

1. The quiet in the house.
2. Two sleeping little ones and a sleeping hubby.
3. The smell of coffee.
4. The birds waking up.
5. Squirrels chattering away.
6. No traffic.
7. Needing--and having--a blanket to wrap up in.
8. Fred, our Lab experiment, sitting close by.
9. My rocking chair.
10. The sun splashing into our backyard.
11. Prayer time.
12. God, who is always there waiting...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gratitude 7--Fall

I love fall. I love the whole woner of it. There is something amazingly peaceful about fall, like settling down for a long sleep after a hectic day, and who isn't thankful for that?

But there's more. I have other reasons I am thankful for fall, including...

1. The acoustical joy of walking across the blanket of brown leaves in our front yard.
2. The bright red leaves that fall from our neighbor's tree and mix with the brown oak leaves that carpet our yard.
3. Cooler days.
4. Chilly nights.
5. Sleeping bags when we camp out...even when it is only in the backyard.
6. Cozy jackets.
7. Having lunch outside and not sweating.
8. The spindly arms of trees as they slip out of their spring and summer garments and drop them at their feet.
9. Mums.
10. Long walks any time of day.
11. Keeping the windows open.
12. The explosion of colorful leaves. We've missed those some this year in Texas, but some years it is like fireworks just above our heads.
13. Warm blankets to wrap in when I have my quiet time on the deck.
14. Apple cider.
15. Pumpkins.
16. Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gratitude 6--Headcolds

No, I'm not thankful for headcolds. However, when I have a headcold, there are things which normally get overlooked or taken for granted that suddenly evoke immense gratitude.

Some such things include:

1. Hot fluids to drink.
2. Sonic cokes. I have no medical reason, but the fizz helps my head.
3. Sweats.
4. Hoodie jackets
5. Fuzzy slippers
6. Ibuprofen
7. Recliners to sleep in so I can breathe and my ears don't hurt
8. Hot water bottles
9 Steamy bathrooms
10. Electric blankets
11. Soft quilts
12. My mom's chicken and dumplin's. Life simply doesn't get much better than that, folks.
13. Good chickflicks so I can stare mindlessly and not think.
14. Snuggly hubby.
15. Prayers of others
16. The knowledge it will pass
17. Kind emails, phone calls, and cards
18. Lap throws that were given to me by students in my signing choir
19. Humidifiers, vaporizers, and moisture in the air
20. Mashed potatoes
21. My husband's stepdad's gumbo. No, it isn't quite up there with the chicken and dumplin's, but it ambrosia, folks.
22. Cool wash cloths
23. Massagers that vibrate on my cheeks and foreheads to break up the gunk in them
24. Lotion endowed Kleenex
25. A cozy bed
26. A soft pillow, lots of them stacked up.
27. Naps
28. That my children are old enough to let me take a nap.
29. Apple cider, made with real cinnamon sticks and a bag of spices. Oh, yeah...
30. That my children don't have it
31. My husband can cook
32. Silence

Never realized how grateful being sick could make me.

Isn't God so good?

Here's hoping my headcold makes you grateful you don't have one. :-)

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Whole Response to the Election

Election 2008 Realities
By Jerri Phillips

In the last three days I have received numerous emails from friends concerning the results of the presidential election. Some of stated their feeling of grief, disgust, discouragement, and a range of other emotions. A few friends have stated they have been blessed with peace. All have questions.

In answer to these questions, emails from well-known speakers, leaders, and prophets are zipping through the internet and finding their way to thousands, if not millions, of email boxes across America and maybe even the world. Unfortunately, I think most of these letters only address one aspect of the election. They look back and ask what happened. We need to know. It is imperative to learn from past mistakes lest we repeat them. However, the other half of the issue is rarely considered. That being, what do we do now? If we do not have that answer, we will fail just as miserably the next time. And it is my opinion that spiritual maturity and understanding of God’s strategy and character to reveal His truth and wholeness makes it impossible to separate the necessity of the two questions.

What Happened?

1. The first question I asked the Lord was, “Were we to do more? Did we miss something? Was there a strategy that was ignored or not released?” I believe the Lord said the Remnant was strong. We were not perfect, but we were strong, and He honors that. Unfortunately, the Remnant cannot prevent the choices of the nation as a whole. Repeatedly in the Old Testament the Lord allowed the nation of Israel to go into exile and experience judgment despite the Remnant. The Remnant was blessed, and in fact, in some cases given extreme favor so that they could do the Lord’s bidding. Nehemiah and Jeremiah were two examples of favor during times of judgment.

2. The fact is the church, as a whole, handed this election away. That is not judgment. It is merely fact. There are enough Christians that had we all voted righteously, this election would have turned toward God. However, the church has fallen down at its post. Either fear of losing money or being persecuted has caused the church to grow apathetic on strong teaching. A doctrine of righteousness has been set aside for a palatable teaching of humanism. When the church refuses to address the sins of homosexuality and abortion as absolutes, conviction of “lesser sins” falls to the wayside as well.

The simple fact is, the church is not teaching righteousness as a lifestyle, and the nation is paying for it.

3. Demographics say the population that turned the tide were the people in and right around their 20s. This tells me we have an entire generation with no clear moral or spiritual compass. When clear truth is not taught, lies are given room to flourish. We will now reap the fruit of flourishing lies.

4. The church is too short-sighted. We cannot think that we can fast for a month every four years and turn this nation toward God. That is even more naïve than thinking Christianity is a Sunday lifestyle. Both are roads to hell. And yet, the short-sightedness is not being addressed in the church.

We are in danger now, not just because we lost a war for president but because we have not been fighting the ward for the House or the Senate. We have not been fighting the war for our state and local governments. Had we not lost the House and Senate in the last elections, would Barack Obama have as much power as he does now? Perhaps, but at least there would be road blocks in the way to slow him down or prevent some of the devastation he has planned for our country. We have got to stop being naïve and believing we can rush to the battle lines when the enemy is at the gate. We have to stop thinking defensively and start thinking offensively. We have to see that the governors or senators who have no fear of God today could be our president in 8 or 12 years. The church cannot afford to sit naively by hoping for disaster to pass. The Passover was an event of action, not passivity, but the church seems to think if we all smile and think happy thoughts we will be protected. We are wrong.

We must have a larger vision and a long-term strategy.

What now?

1. We must refuse the apathy that comes with the clichés the church likes to toss around. “God is still on His throne.” Yes. “God is not shocked.” No. However, God was on His throne when He told Israel to take the Promised Land with strategies of war, some were physical, some not. God was on His throne when David fought viciously against the enemies of God. Being a Christian is not a passivity that waits for God to toss good things in our laps. Being a Christian is an active lifestyle that understands warriors do not stand around wearing an armor of God (Ephesians 6) but rather uses that armor to advance the Kingdom of God.

Apathy is what got us here in the first place. Let us not be fooled into thinking it will get us out.

2. We lost a battle, but we need to learn from what happened.

There is an entire generation of people who have no moral or spiritual compass.
There are people in the church who do not understand the precepts of blesses and curses. They do not understand that God is the one who blesses, not a politician.
We cannot afford to wait and whine another four years and do nothing.

Yes, we lost this battle huge. However, we can learn the strategies of the enemy and turn them back on him. We have to think war-oriented thoughts, not battle thoughts.

3. We need to seek the Lord on the strategy now. No one will convince me the outcome of this election was God’s will, and no one will convince me it is hopeless either. We have a hard battle ahead. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. However, we also have a battle tested King, who has a strategy for the Kingdom. We need to ask Him what our part is and do it. It is not enough to know the strategy. We must be obedient, and it cannot be only during the election. It must be everyday of our lives. The war for this election wasn’t only lost in 2007 and 2008. It was lost on many battlefields. It was lost:
--when the church did not stand against a young man who would be known as the most liberal senator in the nation.
--when a liberal president forced banks to make loans that were errant.
--when leaders in the financial area of America were allowed to act at will rather than being laid on the Lord’s altar in prayer.
--when the Senate and Congress were given over to liberal leaders rather than righteous ones

Make no mistake. This is not about a political party. This is about righteous that has fallen under foot of humanistic thinking that promises promotion and prosperity without responsibility. How do we stand against that?

How do we turn the hearts or our governing bodies to God?
How do we turn the hearts of our church goers to God?
How do we reach the lost generations?

What is the Lord’s strategy for dealing with these issues and others that we may not realize?

I have said in many of my emails that I am not shaken. I’m not. My faith in God is not shaken. My faith in His character I not shaken. All this has done is make me more determined. It has given me greater focus and clearer vision. It has revealed the vessels of the enemy, and allowed me to see him more clearly. I believe my God will use this for his downfall, not his glory. As a warrior for the army of God, I have not stood down, and I will not. I encourage you to be of the same mind.

We lost this battle. However, it is not time to slink away and hide in shame. It is time to go before the King and ask, “What now?” and do it.

Stand strong, warriors.


Jerri Phillips

Copyright Jerri Phillips 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Caleb Friends

Robin left a comment asking what a Caleb Friend is.

A Caleb Friend is who believes the impossible with you.

These friends are the ones who believe the Lord will give you the Promised Land--whatever that is promised to you by Him--no matter how big the giants are that stand in your way.

They have a different spirit about them, one of simple faith and undaunted passion.

These are the ones who jerk you up by your collar and shake you out of your pity party. They are the ones who stand over you when your heart is broken and you would rather walk off the battle field than stay there.

They are the ones who don't quit--even when you wish they would.

And when you cry, they hand you a few kleenex, listen patiently, and then say, "Okay, so the bully pushed you. Stop whimpering and go kick its butt. Your Daddy's bigger than it is."

Their phones work and are answered all hours of the night.

They rejoice in your victories.

They are not competitive but know you both have promises of God, and they will stand fast to help you realize yours.

They are the ones you want with you when you go into battle because they know Who controls the battle.

They are the ones who see the best in you and don't let you forget who you really are.

They are priceless...

Gratitude 5--Sunshine in the Midst of the Storm

Storms happen. It is easy to get caught up in the blustery wind and pyrotechnic display and forget the blessing of the rain puddles that call us to dance, splash, and laugh.

Today, I invite you to join me in a few puddles for which I am grateful:
1. Tennis--or some very untrained version thereof
2. Being a Sheep--Are you feeling sheepish?
3. For permanent markers so I can write on my forehead.
4. That my pants are getting too big.
5. That the scale finally acknowledged what my pants have been telling me for over a week now.
6. Caleb friends
7. Showers where the temperature is adjustable. Sometimes any shower is good. When I helped drill water wells, showers were good period, but last night, a warm shower was good.
8. Ibuprofen.
9. Comfortable tennis shoes.
10. For friends who laugh with me and aren't afraid to laugh at me

Feeling Sheepish

Yesterday my friend Debra posted a wonderful post--two of them actually--but one in particular helped me get refocused. It's title is "I Am A Sheep".

Her next post was perfectly focused, THE Shepherd.

Flock on over and read them both. :-)

Then I got inspired and wrote my own version of Psalm 23 as a comment. I hope it bless you if you, like some of the rest of us, are feeling sheepish right now.

--From this small sheep

Psalm 23
(as it has meaning in my life today)

The Lord is my Shepherd, and He provides me with everything I need.

He gives me rest in abundant places that are soft and gentle to my weary body. He leads me beside waters that refresh my soul without my being overcome.

He restores the very core of who I am and holds together my trust in Him. He leads me in the paths that are right and merciful because He is the perfect Shepherd and can do nothing less.

Even though I walk through dark places that I wish I could avoid, I do not fear the outcome or what might come my way because you are with me and make your presence known to me. Your rod and staff lead me to safe places and protect me from my own wandering ways. You are ever vigilant, and the enemy cannot reach me.

Nothing keeps you from meeting my needs and providing for me perfectly.

Surely your goodness and mercy will stay with me and you will hem me in by going before me and behind me all the days of my life, and I will be blessed with your presence always.

--personal paraphrase by Jerri Phillips

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This morning Debra and I talked, as we do nearly everyday, and she aked me if I noticed a difference in the atmosphere, like the tension and darkness had dissipated. I knew what she meant.

Leading up to this election, I have been in my prayer place early each morning, often spending 30 minutes or more praying for the election alone. I did not know how I would respond with these results. I responded differently than I expected. I thought I might grieve, crawl back in bed, at least cry uncontrollably for a bit. Instead, I looked at the results, thanked the Lord that He is maturing His army, and asked, "Now what?"

It seems rather simplistic, I suppose, and as I have received a myriad of emials from this well-known leader and that one, I realize they only use several paragraphs to say what I said in a few sentences--Well, that wasn't what I wanted, but I trust my God to handle it anyway. Now, I just need to listen to His voice and follow.

My job has not changed. My focus has not changed. My enemy had not changed. But most importantly, my God has not changed. And in that alone is my peace.

As is obvious from my post Gratitude 4, I am walking through a fire I never expected and have tried desperately to prevent for a long time. It was my own naivete' that said I could fix the problems that have brought me to this place. I could not even fix the symptoms little less affect the issues. In fact, if I am truly honest, I quite possibly made things worse in an effort to avoid the fall out that had to come.

And, no, I can't go into detail, and, yes, I am aware the people's minds roam and imaginations happen. I can't help that unless I choose to hide, and honestly, I'm tired of hiding. I don't see the benefit in it. It does not fix my problems, and it offers no glory to God. Rather the glory goes to God when we are honest about our desperation and need and others see Him meet us right where we are.

Where I am is a painful place with a lot of questions. And yet, I am in peace.

Why? Because God meets me where I am, and in Him is peace.

Peace is not a state of denial but a state of Truth.

It is the truth that God loves me and is with me. The truth is the desert is a place of purpose, not abandonment. The truth is He is not surprised and has been working to bring the ick to the surface so He can address it with the only touch that will make a difference--His own. The truth is...things that look overwhelming and crazy somehow come out making perfectly good sense when He is finished. The truth is I wouldn't have chosen this path because it looks so stinking hard, but He chose it because it is the easiest and most merciful.

The truth is God is God, and even when the waves loom high and big, He speaks peace.

God's Word is the Only One that Matters

Last night when I arrived home from my small group, I saw the news that Obama was voted in as President. I don't know that I can articulate the conversation the Lord and I had. It doesn't really matter anyway because He reminded me of a vision and word He gave me months ago. I shared it with a few friends then, and I share it with you now because I think it is pertinent and will encourage some of you.

As I was praying over the Democratic choice of candidates, He gave me a word for Hilary and told me how to pray for her. He also gave me a vision for Obama.

First, the Lord said the leadership of this country goes the way of the prayers of this country. Folks, that puts the power back in our hands.

Second, I saw Obama walking down one road, and the road forked. He took the right fork.

Did you get that? He took THE RIGHT fork. Our prayers or lack thereof determine the path of the king because our prayers and our faith release the power of the the KING.

I know it is easy to see this as chaotic, a defeat, and mortifying. I have said it before, and I will say it again, God is bigger than Barack Obama. The army that stands with us is greater than the army that stands against us. We are not defeated. We may not like the giant that stands before us, but it will still fall if we are faithful to stand in our authority.

I want to leave you with one last thought.

The Lord said the real warriors are the ones that stand—not because it looks like they’ll win—but because they believe in their cause too much to accept losing.

Keep standing.

Refusing to stand down,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gratitude 4--In the Darkness

When life is rosey and all is well, it is easy to be thankful. Gratitude often gets lost in falling in tears. However, even in the darkness, the goodness of God shines. Even in my darkness, I am grateful...

1. That broken hearts heal.
2. That Truth is still truth no matter how the circumstances look.
3. That His plans are good, and no matter what happens He can do great things with it.
4. That His love for me isn't dependent on my "keeping it together" and walking through this perfectly.
5. For people who have walked this road before me and stand along the way with an encouraging word, large hug, and a tear on their cheek, too.
6. For people who say, "Yeah, it is hell." And they don't minimize how hard it is.
7. For warriors who stand over me when I'm eating dirt on my knees trying to get my footing again.
8. For the ability to pray.
9. For friends who
--hug me while I cry,
--immediately get off the phone with one look at my face as I stand at their door late at night,
--pick up the phone when they've already fallen asleep,
--tell me it's going to be okay...and believe it
10. That God can restore anything.
11. For the faith that God has it under control and it really will be okay.
12. For the peace that this may not be what I expected, but God is not at all surprised.
13. That I can still sleep well knowing I'm a beloved daughte of the King, who is her Father's delight and the joy of His heart.

Prophetic Words the Lord Had Me Pray over Different States

The Lord gave me words to pray over different states today.

Florida—Come forth righteous tribes of Christ

Georgia—Peach State, produce fruits of the Spirit, be resplendent with them

South Carolina—You are no longer “below” anyone. You are not beneath. You are exalted. Come up to the heavens and sit with the King

North Carolina—You are not what people have said you are. You no longer have to live under those curses. Stand up in your true identity that the Lord declares over you.

Virginia—I looked at the map and one side of Virginia has mountains while the other doesn’t, and the Lord said, “No longer be divided. Be equals and with equal authority and passion take the hand of the instrument of my purposes.”

West Virginia—Mighty Mountaineers, this is the time to look to the mountains from whence comes your strength.

Michigan—The “thumb” of the US. You are an opposable thumb. Oppose the enemy. Oppose the one who wants to steal from you. Oppose the one who would destroy you. Oppose all the lies of the enemy.

Missouri—Let the Big River of the Spirit flow through you.

Ohio—Farmers, break up your fallowed ground and sow righteousness. You will be blessed in your wombs…in your fields…in your lifestock. Problems you are seeing in your climate that is preventing strong harvests will be broken and you will bring forth a harvest that can only be of the Lord

Illinois—There is much to come from you. Creativity abounds in you. Innovation is your gift. You will bring forth such things that the United States will look at you and say, “This is from Illinois?” They expect little from you, but I know who you really are and what lies within you.

Arkansas—You are known for being centered around a Little Rock. Now be centered around the boulder of my truth. I can build great things with Little Rocks. Many doubt your heritage and family lines, but I say I will bless you until all around you will be amazed at the blessings that pour forth from you and the good things that come from you.

Iowa—Swing State—swing wide the gates of heaven that the King may come in.

Colorado—My rain and snow go forth in season to bring about what I desire, to bring about a harvest. Receive the harvest. Turn to me. CLING TO MY WORDS that cannot return void, and see what I do for you.

Nevada—You are always seeking water. How to control it. How to have more of it. Turn to me and receive the never ending water. You cannot receive what you need through the economy of men. Come to me and get what man’s money can’t buy you and see if I do not give you more than enough in all areas.

Idaho—You have been known for producing a staple food. I want to be your staple food. Some of you have received me on occasion, but you are still hungry. I want to be your everyday food.

New Mexico—Some of your ancestors have touched me. They have known me in small amounts. You are hungry for the mysteries—the mysteries are Christ. Come forth that I may pour out on you water, fountains of water for your dry lands. Lands that produced nothing, lands where there was death and barrenness will pour forth water and food. No longer will people need to pour into you but they will come to you for your overflow.

North Dakota and South Dakota—No longer be known for your badlands. You are a good land. No longer look up to men (Rushmore) but instead look up to me and see if I do not hear your prayers, pull down the walls that have blocked blessing, and restore to you promises I have made that you have held in your hearts but have lost hope for.

I anointed each state on my map with oil and prayed over it. I encourage you to do the same.