For a few very hard years this word was my mantra.
The word means
-undismayed; not discouraged; not forced to abandon purpose or effort
-undiminished in courage or valor; not giving way to fear
But the truth is, I was often dismayed by everything that had taken place, and I did battle discouragement. I battled fear and doubts. I hurt and was angry, and sometimes "undaunted" sounded more like a mockery than a mantra, and I was determined to be real about all of it in these posts, thus the name, Undaunted Reality. More than that, though, I was determined to live undaunted, not because I'm so great or strong, but because my God is, and no matter what this world looks like, He is the only reality that matters.
I pray I live the reality of Him beautifully undaunted.

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Prayer for Monday...A Prayer for Every Day

Make me a blessing today.
Give me the right words...or the right silence.
Give me the ear to listen...and the heart to love.
Give me the right attitude...and a desire for peace and unity.
Give me your perspective...
...your heart
...your love.
Thank you for the privilege of giving to someone else what you so generously give to me.
I love you!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

When Every Day Life is Daunting

I'm tired of life as usual.

I'm tired of sitting on my butt in my comfy little world when I know I have abilities that can help people.

I know God has His own perfect timing, and I don't want to fight that, but honestly, I wonder how often I live a small life under the excuse of "waiting for God's timing" when I simply do not get off my butt and act with determination, purpose, and fortitude.

I'm writing a book entitled "Warrior Undaunted". Can one be an undaunted warrior without living an undaunted life? More pointedly, am I living the undaunted life I'm supposed to be living, and if not, what do I need to do to engage life fully, with abandon, with passion, and with uncompromising purpose?

When You Get Disoriented


I need to hear YOUR voice, only your voice. Who I am, what I am supposed to do, how I am supposed to do it, the life I am supposed to live...YOUR VOICE ONLY.

I'm slipping into patterns of the past, trying to be...trying NOT to be a target for people who don't get the life and person you created me to live and be.

Fear is the enemy of consistency and stability. No victory or success is ever won by fear. Instead, fear steals purposes, personalities, and promises.

So right now, I'm asking you to silence the voices. Speak clearly to me through the mental haze to help me get re-oriented in your created purpose, person, and promises.

Thank you that you are not angry and do not condemn me for slipping into old "coping mechanisms" but delight in training me to fully align with you.

Your faithfulness fills me with joy and peace. I love you. Amen

Saturday, April 27, 2013

When Who You Were and Who You Are Only Matters Because of Who He Is


Today I was reminded of how I've failed in the past, and I was asked how I plan to move forward. I thought I had, but obviously this person doesn't see it.

I am hurting beyond words, and once again I am fighting every voice that ever told me I wasn't good enough, perfect enough, godly enough, beautiful enough, thin enough, whatever enough. And the truth is, I'm not.

The truth is the list of my sins and failures is so long and so vast I could drown in them. Believe me, Daddy, no one knows more than me...or is more disgusted than the list of how I have not been the Christian I profess to be.

And this person asked, "So how do you plan to move on from here?"

As though there and here is the same place, as though I were the same person.

And as much as I hate to admit it, this person is right. I'm the same person.

I'm the same person who hurts because life didn't work out the way I dreamed it would.
I'm the same person who fights through the fear and pain to stand in faith knowing your heart is for me and your plans are good.
I am the same person who sins because...I'm...someone who sins, and I'm the same person who has to forgive myself for not be perfect enough and not holding you in high enough regard to work harder to get it right or just choose what it right.
I'm the same person who absolutely hates getting it wrong and hurting you.
I am the same person who is ashamed of how unlike you I can be.
I'm still the same wife who wants to be perfect for her Husband and prays everyday to glorify you and every night prays for forgives for the ways I didn't.
I'm the same person who lies in my bed at night, thinks of how I made a fool of myself instead of loving like you do...and cries because really, am I ever going to get this right?
And I'm the same person who can't figure out how I can love you so much...and fail you so badly.

I'm the same person who knows I am still responsible for raising these two gifts to seek your perfection despite my imperfection.
I'm the same person who prays for you to do great things knowing how utterly not great I am...that in fact the only great thing about me is what you accomplish despite me.
I'm the same person who keeps snack bars and water bottles in my truck for people on the road knowing I can't fix their lives...but maybe for that moment instead of seeing how hard life is, they can see you.

I'm the same person who knows there is only way way to move on from anywhere, and that is you and believing you when you say there is grace for the worst of me and mercy for the ugly...and that somehow you don't see what I've done or who've I've been but choose to see who you created me to be and what I'm becoming, and, oh! God, I pray I am becoming like you.

And I'm the same person who are everything...and without you I am nothing.

You are all I have ever had. I've only had one way to move forward from anything, and that has always been...and still

I know this with all I am, and I pray that never changes.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Just Honest Faith Stuff

I am seeking to align my faith with your promises, and I confess I am being stretched, and I wonder if that is how faith should be--this constant stretching? Shouldn't faith be a simple, "God said this, and that is it"? Why is it I have such an easy time believing for some things and not for others? Why is it that I believe you'll provide a good job if I get trained and put out my resume but struggle to believe you'll publish this book manuscript if I am diligent to seek your face and your words and write the book? If I do what is necessary to receive a promise, shouldn't I expect you to be faithful to give it? Lord God, stay in my face about this. I mean seriously, STAY IN MY FACE. Who am I to doubt your faithfulness to keep your promises if I walk and act in accordance with their manifestation? I am sorry my doubts could ever suggest such a thing about you. You forever leave me amazed with your faithfulness...not just in what you do but also in how you love and give mercy. You are breathtaking. I love you.

Prayer for Faith


Lord, I need you to teach me to walk by faith and not by sight. Only in believing what isn't but can be do I allow you to invade earth with the miraculous and only then can your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. If all I believe is what I see, then I will never see anything different.

Lord, I don't want what this world is...what MY LIFE is. I want what it can be...WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE.

Holy Spirit, lead me into the truth of faith. Teach me how to align my thinking with you. Speak to me about the words of my mouth so they can agree with you instead of keeping me tethered to the baggage of "reality" that fills this earth with what is not instead of what could be.

What it could wildly yours.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

"The Little Way of Ruthie Leming", by Rod Dreher

"The Little Way of Ruthie Leming", by Rod Dreher, is a beautiful story of his sister Ruthie’s living despite cancer and her death due to cancer. Even as Ruthie's body was dying, God was working a powerful act of the Rod.

While it is heartbreaking that a young woman can die of lung cancer at 42, it speaks again the eternal truth: It is not the length of a life that impacts the world. It is the quality of life that will make the world a better place, maybe not in a global sense, but in personal lives of the ones who know and are touched by that goodness. That is the kind of life Ruthie lived, and in the lives she touched, she lives on.

But this book is more than a soft-hearted remembrance of a sister, wife, daughter, friend taken too soon. It holds in its pages another eternal truth: family is complicated.

Rod talks openly about the confusion and pain that comes when a family loves each other but doesn’t always like each other and courageously lays open the reality that some pain we experience at the hands of other people is not only made possible—but caused—by the tools we give them. He embraces the truth so many of us run from and trip over: sometimes people don’t like us because we give them reason to dislike us, and instead of being confused by their dislike, we should wonder how they love us at all. And too often, it is our family we give reason to dislike us the most.

While the battles run amuck on the outside, they rage on the inside. If one person’s life means so much, is a life so different just as valid? Was truth missed and time wasted? Or are both stories—and both lives—valid in their own piece of life’s puzzle? Could it be that there is no right or wrong story because truly the story isn’t about the person but the God who somehow takes all the stories and redeems them to make His story?

And really, ultimately, this is what “The Little Way of Ruth Leming” is.

It is the story of forgiveness and being forgivable, the need for redemption, and the power of presence. It is a story of the killing power of guilt and the life giving power of sacrifice. It is the story of valuing the right things and the right people and understanding how valuable you are.

Yes, it is the story of a small town girl who lived a life of great impact in her own small way and a writer who questioned whether his “big life” among the intellectually aware and societal elite had any eternal impact at all. More than that, though, it is God’s story, how He takes lives down different paths, dips them in joy and wrinkles them with pain, and weaves them together. It is the story of small town folk and a big city writer stumbling through the pain of life and death and into the blessed truth that the secret to a good life is not the life path you choose to walk but the love you give—and accept—while you walk it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Medical Kit--Camping Kits

The last few posts have included lists of medical supplies I use in various kits I have. I shared my home kit, my truck kit, and my kayak kit. Another thing we do fairly often is camp. When we started camping, a medical kit never crossed our minds. A few bandaids and some antibiotic something would fix it whatever happened, right? Um...not always. Now, that I know a bit more, I'm going to pass along what I've learned are good basic supplies for camping and hiking bags.

For the most part, the medical supplies in my truck will cover whatever happens camping, but the way I use them may be a bit different, so I'll go back over that list and toss in some possible uses ideas. Then I'll give you the list of what you can find in each of our hiking packs.

For Camping:
water bottles--You can use these to wash off wounds. Do NOT scrub the would, though. Just rinse it with water until any debris is gone. Also, if someone gets a significant burned, you wet the gauze and lay the moist gauze on the burn. If it is anything more than superficial, I suggest having a doctor look at it because infection is the greatest risk with burns.
bandaids of various size
2x2 sterile gauze pads
4x4 sterile gauze pads
9x6 sterile absorbent pads
sterile gauze rolls
triangle bandages
ace bandages
antibacterial CREAM
sting relief medicine--meat tenderizer or vinegar works on a lot of stings and bites. With the meat tenderizer, make a poultice or paste and sit it on the sting. It should draw the toxins out.
liquid allergy medicine
topical allergy medicine--do not double up liquid allergy medicine and topical, use one or the other
soda with high sugar/high caffeine concentration--When my daughter was little, she would go from normal to respiratory distress in minutes. I'd give her a full dose of allergy medicine and follow it with a can of hype-you-up to zip it into her system.
pain reliever
"SAM" splint--flexible aluminum wrapped in foam padding, great for stabilizing sprains or breaks
reflective metallic blanket
wash cloths
aloe product
ice packs--the ones you crunch and they get cold. But never put cold directly on skin. It can burn it. Be sure you put something between the ice pack and the skin
hot packs--the kind you crunch and they get warm (depends on the time of year) Good for hands and feet
wool blanket
towels--towels can be good as an emergency on the ground place to sit. They are also good if someone overheats because you can wet the towel and lay the moist towel over the person then fan the moist towel and help cool the person.
Pedialite--Best way to get electrolytes back in your system
Sharpie--2 colors; if someone is bitten by a snake (and sometimes a spider), the area around the bite will be affected. Every 15 minutes, use the Sharpie to circle the red, puffy, affected area and write the time. That gives the responders the "story" of the venom and snake and let's them know what is happening and how quickly. Same with spider bites.
latex gloves--all kinds of reasons. If someone gets into poison oak/ivy/sumac, you don't want it on you. You might need to take care of someone who isn't your family, and you don't need to be sharing your cooties or borrowing theirs.
headlamp--you don't always have someone to hold a flashlight
flashlight--not every emergency takes place during the day
antibacterial gel
insect repellent

Snake bite care: move above the bite toward the body. So if someone is bit on their calf, I would move to the knee or thigh, and start wrapping with an ace bandage from the body toward the bite. This slows the movement of the toxins. Do NOT make a tourniquet. You are not trying to kill the appendage. If the appendage turns blue or cold, loosen the wrap. The goal is simply to slow the venom movement into the body. Pushing the blood downward will do that.

I think that covers everything we normally take camping. I've gone through the list a few times in my head, and I think that is it. You can also visit my post "Medical Kit--Truck" for other possible ideas.

Not only do we take an outdoor medical kit when we camp, but each of us takes a hiking pack. We each of a backpack that holds things, and we each have a good size fanny pack. The thing I like about our fanny packs is they have a water holder on each side, so we can carry 2 water bottles instead of one, which can be really important on hot days or long trails. I also find fanny packs cause me to sweat less. It can get toasty under those backpacks. But whatever works for you as long as you take care of yourself and get back safely. :-)

Our usual hiking pack load includes:
a small back of latex-free bandaids, including blister bandaids. I use waterproof fabric or sport bandaids exclusively in these things, and I put them in snack size baggie
whistle that works even when it gets wet
small LED flashlight
headlamp (they were Christmas presents one year, and we put them to use, but they are not as bright or as easy to point as the flashlights)
an extra set of batteries for flashlight
ace bandage
triangle bandage
bandanna--why the triangle bandage AND the bandanna? The triangle bandage can help splint or support an injured appendage or even hold bandages and dressing on. The bandanna covers your head and neck to protect you from the sun or keep heat in depending on the time of year. You can moisten it or not if you are too hot, and you can wet it and wrap it around your neck, cool major artery areas, or lay it on your stomach/chest to help cool you.
cold/heat pack--depends on the season, crushable kind, one of the things I learned with these is to keep them in a small box or non-crushable container. It means rearranging your pack so you are comfortable, but it keeps the pack from crushing accidentally
multi-purpose knife
two-way radio--goes in when we leave camp, goes into the charger when we get back
extra pair of socks--ever hiked in cold wet socks because you stepped in water? Very bad for your body
notepad and pen and baggies--if we get lost, we write a note with time and stating which way we went and leave it for someone to find. If it is raining, the baggie protects the note, and if it is nighttime, it can create a reflection for light beams.
insect repellent wipes
small tube of sunscreen
handiwipe towelettes
waterproof watch
survival bracelet--made from para cord, sturdy, useful for a lot of things
fire starter kit
protein snack
lip balm
reflective metallic blanket
water treatment pills
light stick--3 in each pack

My pack also includes:
--my CPR mask
--allergy medicine
I add those in case there is an emergency heart issue or allergy issue.

Once again, I'm sure I am forgetting something, but that is all that is coming to mind. I know that sounds like a lot, but if we all go hiking together, one of us usually takes the actual pack, and the others are responsible for their own water and food. However, I have made sure we each have a pack because I want my children to learn the importance of being prepared to take care of themselves, and I want them to learn NOW that God may put someone in their path for whom they need to take responsibility. We are not on the planet to simply take and build cushy lives. We are on this planet to give, and sometimes, that means giving a water bottle or a pack of peanuts or an ankle wrap or a hand out of a forest. By having packs with real survival and aid supplies, they are learning I know they are capable of doing what is needed to ensure their safety or someone else's safety. I am teaching them NOW that they are capable, strong, and able to make a difference. If they learn that as young people, they will grow into that truth in even more powerful ways as adults.

As I've said before, these are the supplies I have determined work well for us. I have tried to minimize some of the bulk by choosing things that can be used more than one way. I have also chosen to keep these packs to a 24-hour survival maximum mentality. Where we hike, a day hike is about as extensive as it gets, and the trails are pretty well marked. The biggest concern would be getting lost and not getting back to camp before dark, which is why lights to see with, a whistle to scare away critters and indicate location, and protein are good supplies.

Again, this is our list. Take it for what you can get from it. If you need more stuff, add it. If you want to take less, ask yourself what the risks are, how you will handle sprains or breaks, how will you keep the person at a comfortable temperature to slow down shock, what happens if you are running later than expected, and whether you might need some meds in case of being gone too long or running into your favorite allergy source. Also ask yourself: If I am alone, how can I safely address these things? If you are with someone, one of you can probably go for help, but if it is just you, how will you others' attention? How will you give yourself the best chance to get out safely?

I hope this helps. If you have questions, feel free to shoot them my way. I'll answer them if I can, and if I can't, I'll find who can.

Blessings for safety and health...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Medical Kit--Kayak Dry Boxes

The last two days I've shared what I keep in my medical kits at home and in the truck, and I shared a few things from my personal medical bag that I thought might be useful to the general populace. Today, I am going to share what my kids and I keep in our dry boxes that are attached to our kayaks.

All of us have:
Protective lip balm
suntan lotion--I pick up the sticks or the small $1-$2 tubes
2-way radio--they go in before the kayaks get in the water and come out when we get home so they stay charged
multipurpose tool
snack bar or protein source
whistle--we have specific "water" whistles that still work even if they get wet
white washcloth
light stick
small flashlight
waterproof watch
compass--if we get lost in anyway either by our own actions or environmental, if we can contact help, we can give landmarks and direction to help them find us

And we ALWAYS have:
Bottles of water

Even guests get their own dry box and "always have" gear.

In my box, I also carry:
--basic medical supplies such as bandaids, gauze pads and rolls, and anti-bacterial cream. Never know when you are going to want to jump out of the kayak and explore. Accidents happen, so I try to be prepared.
--a reflective blanket. If someone overheats, I can use it as a shade to protect them. I can use it to control hypothermia or help treat shock as well.

I have not  found a definitive "dry box medical list for kayaking", but I created our list based on where we kayak, what problems we've encountered (experiential learning is not always lovely), and what I know could happen. I've tried to control for getting lost, getting back to shore in the dark, overheating, and bad weather (winds came in while we were on the lake one day. Robert was a lot younger, not nearly as strong. If I had not roped him to my kayak, I would have followed him wherever the wind blew him. Or if someone gets hurt or gets sick, they may need assistance.) I've offered a beginning list. There may be things you need to add to it. If someone is allergic to bugs, stick Benadryl in there because you won't get back to shore before serious problems arise. If someone is diabetic, toss in candy bar or packs of sugar. Think about your needs and cover them.

A few other thoughts:
Alcohol and kayaking don't mix. A kayak is a boat. A drunk boater can be a dead boater. Use sense.
Sodas may feel like fluid, but they have no rehydrating value, and in fact, they can create problems because they need so much water to get rid of the sugar. If you are going to do sodas on the lake (which we do), add some bottled water in there, too.

Medicines: I didn't think much about medications and kayaking until a few weeks ago. I was outside working in 85-88 degree weather, not really bad, drinking plenty of water, doing all the right things, and suddenly realized I was in 89 degree heat, no longer sweating, cold, had a ferocious headache, and was no longer sweating! Those are symptoms of heat exhaustion moving into heat stroke. The culprit? An antacid my doctor wanted me to try messed up my electrolytes and ability to stay hydrated. I had no idea. Now, I'm not saying stop taking your medication. However, know what medications might not handle your being in warm temps well.

As every responder I've spoken with says:
"I've never pulled a drowning victim who was wearing a lifejacket."

'Nough said.

If you have other questions about water safety, shoot them my way. I'll answer what I can or point you in the direction of who can answer them. Be safe on the water and have fun. If you see me out there, wave and say hi!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Medical Kit--Truck

Yesterday I gave a list of what is in my home "could be anyone's" medical kit. Today I thought I would share what I carry in my truck. My truck kit has a warm/hot weather side and a cold weather side. Since we are going into hot weather, I'll start with that one.

Warm/Hot Weather "Could be Anyone's" Medical Kit Vehicle
Various sized non-latex band aids
non-latex blister band aids
2x2 sterile gauze pads
4x4 sterile gauze pads
6x9 sterile pads
abdominal pads
"puppy training pads"--for anything requiring a lot of absorbency such as major wound, water breaking for a pregnant woman, etc
rolled gauze sterile
eye pads
triangle bandage
white wash cloths
ace bandages
"SAM" splits--these are flexible aluminum padded with foam. In case of a sprain or break, this serves to stabilize the affected limb.
antibiotic CREAM
antibacterial gel
duct tape--does wonders for getting out stingers, stickers, bull nettles, etc. slide the tape so it pulls the object out the way it went in. The object will usually slide right out of the skin. NEVER use tweezers to take out a stinger. Stingers have little bulbs at the end that keep pumping toxin. If you use tweezers, they squeeze the bulb and release all that toxin. Duct tape does not. I have bright patterns, so I don't lose it camping or in the dark, btw.
Suntan lotion--for us and others
aloe product
ice packs--the kind that get cold when you crush them
Benadryl--as an EMR, I cannot distribute this to a patient. However, I can tell a parent I have it and let them get it out of my purse or bag and distribute it.
Ibuprofen--I cannot give it to anyone else, but if my child need it, I have it.
sugar packets
Anti Monkey Butt powder--We camp and hike. Sweat can be unkind, and chaffing burns. This is great stuff.
non-latex gloves
safety blanket--the metallic reflective kind
3 large towels
1 moving blanket
bottles of water--I usually carry a case, and I try to never have less than 12. 12 would do the kids and me stranded for a few hours on a July day in Texas, but if I were to come across a vehicle in distress or a hitchhiker or a homeless person (or several), I share. Think gallon of person a day, and consider what you might be doing that keeps you out where you can't get to water. How much water might you need before you can access more water?
extra folding chair
triangle reflectors
large wand light
extra batteries
cone for my flashlight in case I need to direct traffic or people
reflective gloves in case I have to direct traffic
reflective vest so I'm easy to see
large umbrella
light sticks
rain gear
window punch
seat belt cutter
good rope
zip ties
small mirror

Things I carry in multiple items and why:
Socks of various sizes--I know it sounds odd in the summer, but wet socks or holey socks are just rough on the feet. A pair of good socks can do wonders for someone hiking longer than they thought, out on the streets, or just needing to get dry
Ponchos--I pick up the $1.00 ones or find them cheaper. Never know when someone will need one, especially if there is a car wreck in the rain.
Protein bars--when we are kayaking or hiking, people get busy and forget to pay attention to their blood sugar and hydration levels. Whole lot easier to hand them a water bottle and protein bar than trying to one up a heat stroke on a dehydrated patient.

In the winter, I change the extras slightly. In the winter, I carry...
4 extra wool blankets--wool keeps folks warm whether they are wet or dry
Lots of socks--wet cold feet pose all kinds of health risks.
Gloves--I have 6-10 pair at all times. Little boy, little girl, childrens boy, childrens girl, adult female, adult male. Sometimes I have multiple for the little folks
Hats--same reasoning as above
Hand Warmers--I buy them in bulk.
Fire starter kit--if I have a situation where I cannot get someone to safety (snowed highway, lost overnight in a forest, etc), if I can get a fire going, everyone has a better chance of getting out alive, and in that case, I will gather every bit of illegal firewood I have to to keep those folks safe. Just sayin'.
rain boots
food that can be eaten even if it gets frozen--nuts, protein bars (granola is still pretty chewy even if it gets frozen), crackers and peanut butter
cheap flashlights I don't mind giving away to someone who needs them

Someone commented to me that she was shocked I carried so little as an medical responder. She said my "home kit" sounded like what she had. Well, that was the point. I was trying to offer a list everyone could put together and know how to use. I tried to keep it limited to things the average person could use and still be covered by the Good Samaritan Act, which states that if you stop and render aid, you are protected from legal and civil prosecution IF YOU ACT WITHIN YOUR LEVEL OF TRAINING. Everything I listed for my home kit as well as my vehicle kit are acceptable for anyone. My one exception would be any kind of medicine. That is a sticky area. I can administer 5 different medicines--oxygen, aspirin, someone's own epi-pen, someone's own nitro meds, and glucose. That's it, so as I said, I cannot administer Benadryl either in oral or topical form. However, if you go into anaphylactic shock, I can put a tube up your nose and help you breathe using a mask and bag until 911 arrives. :-)

Which brings me to another question I received. What do I carry in my own bag? There are some things I carry that the normal person simply wouldn't carry because they would never use them. I never carry an IV pole because I wouldn't use it in my truck. However, there are some things I have in my bag that might be useful to the general populace, so let me share those.

various size hard splits--waterproof since we like being on the lake
pulse oximeter--I wish I had known about this when my kids had respiratory struggles. Turn it on, put it on the finger. It tells you pulse and oxygen saturation. Under $40 on Amazon, and anyone can use it. It was very useful last winter when I had pneumonia.
D-stick unit for measuring blood sugar--very commonly used by diabetics
multipurpose tool

Right now, that is all that comes to mind. If I think of more, I will do a quick update. As I said, this is stuff I keep in my truck. I have a large duffle bag I picked up for around $20 at Walmart that holds the extra stuff. I get teased for how much I tote around all the time, but that's okay, too.

I hope this helps.

Blessings of health and safety...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Medical Kit--Home

Besides being a mom and a writer, I am also a trained emergency responder.

I am a member of our city CERT team. CERT is Community Emergency Response Team. As a member, I've been trained in search and rescue, cribbing, IC system of command, and other emergency response skills.

However, my "specialty" is medical response. I am a certified EMR (Emergency Medical Responder), which means I have almost all the skills an EMT does, but because I have not passed the National Registry, I cannot ride an ambulance. However, unless God closes the door, I intend to pursue my EMT certification by this time next year.

One of my favorite things about being a medical responder is sharing what I know so others are able to prevent injury or illness or respond well to a situation.

My friend Liza Zuniga asked me what I keep in my home medical kit. That is a great qustion. It has certainly changed since I've become an EMR.

My primary kit is in the kids'/guest bathroom, but I have a few other things spread throughout the house. I'll give you my list, and at the end, I'll explain the reasoning for it. This may not be YOUR list, so take the thought process and apply it as necessary.

My "have on hand" includes:
bandaids of different sizes--non-latex; waterproof, fabric type that moves
knuckle and butterfly bandages are nice, but regular bandaids can be used for those things, too, just not as efficiently
blister bandaids--I won't go into the explanation, but they really are better for blisters.
2x2 gauze pads--sterile, great for larger cuts or roll them up and put them where a tooth fell out
4x4 gauze pads--sterile, I rarely use them, but when I do, it's a big deal
rolls of gauze--I keep 2 inch wide at home. It wraps around gauze to keep it in place, and if the blood soaks through the gauze and dressing, you simply add more gauze and more dressing (the gauze roll wrapped around to hold it). I don't use tape. Tape has to be removed which hurts the skin, pulls the skin that is trying to heal which can cause more bleeding, and leaves residue. Gauze words great.
ace bandages
triangle bandage or bandana
distilled or filtered water--not only can you use this to flush eyes (I prefer saline), but if there is a significant burn that needs medical care, you take a 4x4, get it moist, and keep it on the burned area. The burned area doesn't stick to the gauze, and the gauze helps protect the burn which is important since infection is a big deal with burns
antibiotic CREAM--absords while anointment just sits on the skin
anti-itch cream or spray
aloe product for mild burns. I have 2 plants. Great for lots of things.
corn starch type powder--I personally don't like talc based powders. They don't dry things up. Corn starch or Anti Monkey Butt powder is great for chaffing.
Meat tenderizer--make a polstice or paste and apply to stings. Vinegar is great for jelly fish stings
Benadryl or allergy med-- I prefer liquid because it digests faster (or at least my brain thinks it does), not just for my kids but for anyone would might react to my pets or pollen in our yard
High caffeine/high calorie soda--When Anna was little, she would go from normal to respiratory distress in minutes. I would give her a dose of Benadryl and follow right on it with Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew. It is like a home style adrenaline push. Granted, she was buzzed up for a bit, but she wasn't blue or dead.
Q-tips--easier to spread antibiotic cream on would if you can just smooze it to the bandaid
Pedialite--better than Gatorade to prevent dehydration
non-latex gloves--so I don't give my cooties, and I don't get theirs.
antibacterial hand sanitizer--same as above. Plus, during cold and flu months, it might make a difference.
Vicks--on the chest under a t-shirt. Does wonders for respiratory stuff
the nose strips that hold you nose open so it is easier to breathe

Also, I only use Tylenol to piggy back for a fever. Tylenol does not work and play well with the liver, so I avoid it if possible.

Peroxide--kills skin cells and a good washing with water and soap, or letting the body wash the wound with its own bacteria killing defenses (blood) usually fixes it. If I need more than that, antibiotic cream.

I may be forgetting some things, but generally speaking, this is my medical home "kit". It is what I have developed based on our life experiences, such as two kids who had respiratory issues or severe allergies, our hobbies such as being outside a lot, and medical information my health provider or medical training provides.

I used to think small bandaids for home, but what if there is a large gash with a knife while cooking supper? What if a little person touches the iron? Any 2nd degree burn on a little person is a doctor trip, but before you get there, keep it moist.

What do you and your family do? Think about what could go wrong. How would you need to take care of that? What size bandaids do you need for different kinds of cuts? If you are active, sports bandaids or waterproof are good. Latex-free are great. Even if you and your family are good, guests may not be.

Think worst case scenerio. What if you all get the flu at once? Do you have enough ibuprofen? Pedialite? Cough medicine? Cough drops? What if you all get a stomach virus? Do you have crackers?

My kit is built from that thinking. Worst case scenerio, what will I need? If it is my family, what will I need? If it is a guest, what might they need?

I know what I listed may sound like a lot, but honestly, the bandaids, gauze, bandages, gloves, antibacterial cream, powder, and such is in a photo box type container in the bathroom. The medicines are with the other meds. The water, Pedialyte, and soda are in the pantry. They fit right into life. I did put the meat tenderizer in the bathroom box and labelled it as medical only because my other was used for cooking. Imagine that.

I hope this helps, and if you have other kit "essentials" you have found works for your family, please share them. I always learning how to take better care of those I love.

Blessings and health!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Beauty isn't by the Numbers

Been seeing a lot of stuff on FB that has judgments about "thin" women being less desirable to "real men" than "curvy women" are. Do we truly understand this is still hating. Curvy women calling thin women less desirable or less "whatever" is NO DIFFERENT and JUST AS JUDGMENTAL as thin women trashy curvy ones. To this I say...

Ladies, we are women. We are beautiful.
We are created in the image of a perfect God.
I don't want you to be like me. I want you to be like you.
You are priceless.
You are an answer to a prayer.
You are a heart needed in this world. Your LIFE matters.
I thank God for you. My world would be missing something without you because there is no one who can be you.
So be you with joy. You are amazing.
So be the amazing you with great joy.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

When my Heart isn't so Impressive, He Still Is


I need to talk to you. I have several writing things I need to get done today, things people have asked me to do, and I am honored. I know, oh, I *KNOW* that you opened these doors and gave me this favor, and I am disgusted to tell you this, but I'm struggling with words because...I'm struggling with wanting to impress these people. In fact, I'm more wound up about impressing them than I am conveying YOU, and all of us know you are everything. They've asked me to do this because they trust I do convey you. So, Daddy, help me. The enemy is trying to steal my focus and my Truth. He is trying to steal my Source by telling me all the things *I* am not. I'm not witty enough or eloquent like this other person. I declare right now that I am Jerri, a daughte of the Almighty King who fully equips me for EVERY good purpose for which HE has called me. I am a masterpiece, and I was made just for this moment. I am fully yours. I hear you. I serve you only, and you are faithful to give me the words and the heart for exactly what you desire to say. Thank you for being wholly for me and with me and never condemning me when I have to kill my flesh yet again. I love you, Daddy. Amen


Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Source of what Grabs You

I get asked how I "come up with" the things I post here.

I ask, "Lord, if you could tell the people who will read this anything, what would you tell them?"
And I write exactly what comes to mind.
So if something I write speaks to you, I'm thinking it is because it IS for you, and if you are wondering how I knew exactly what you needed to hear, Daddy always knows what you need, and the fact He whispered it to me so you could hear it and not just dismiss it as some self-created thought that you want to hear...THAT tells me He really wants you to know. He is so concerned with reaching you He went and found someone to deliver the message for Him.

He really does love you, and He is reaching out to you. All He wants is for you to grab hold of His reach.

Live the Priceless Gift You Are

Do you have any idea how much you are needed? Do you understand that you are on this planet because you are an answer?

 I don't care what your parents, siblings, teachers, ex-whatevers, or anyone else said.

The only thing of ANY importance is that YOU ARE HERE.

That tells me a perfect God with a divine plan says you are priceless. HE chose you. Just like you are. With all the things you do well and all the ways you aren't what you might think you should be or wish you were. HE CHOSE YOU. He created you. He has said you are vital to this world. YOU ARE AN ANSWER, not just to someone's prayer, but to a need recognized by God Himself. It's okay to know that and to live and to enjoy it. God gave you life because you are priceless, and He wants you to live the priceless life you are.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Prayer for a Better Day


Thank you for this day. Please use it to correct me.

Anywhere my...
....priorities are wrong... goals are wrong... scheduling is wrong...
show me and show me YOUR priorities, goals, and schedule.

Wherever I am choosing not to bless others when it is in my power, show me.

Wherever I am creating drama or my own distress by focusing on unimportant comments made to me, drivers who don't drive like I think they should, anyone who does not act like or respond the way I think they me and correct me.

Lord, show me all the ways I create my own stress or burden others with my stress-living ways or attitudes. Teach me the way of peace and how to walk in it.

Thank you for loving me and disciplining me in mercy, gentleness, and love. I love you, Daddy!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

When Plans Suddenly Change

I had this idea of how I was going to address all the things I need in the next three weeks. I did not see this significant change in requirements coming. But You did, so while my brain is scrambling to figure out how I am going to adjust and re-align things, I am choosing to step out of that old habit. I don't need to scramble. You say if I need wisdom I can ask you and you will give it to me. You say my steps are ordered of you. You say you will teach me how to order my days so I gain a heart of wisdom. You say I cannot fail if I am following you. So I am stopping right here and right now, and I'm giving everything over to you. I'm erasing my calendar and whiteboard with my plans, and I'm asking you to give me wisdom concerning what I need to do to get everything done YOU say is important. If what I had planned isn't important, show me so I can erase it and not drive myself crazy trying to fit it in. If you have somethign else that is important, let me embrace it, not as a burden of "one more thing", but with the joy of knowing it is part of your good plan for me. Thank you for having all of this in your hands so I don't have to worry or panic or even figure out what is most important. You take crazy good care of me. I love you, Daddy! Amen

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Every Day Stuff

Sometimes life gets a bit out of hand, and I don't have time to write a "real post", but almost daily God drops nuggets or thoughts or prayers into my heart, and I drop them into a quick post on Facebook.

I invite you to come on over and visit me there, like my page or just lurk. It isn't about my numbers needing to be high. It's about His knowing what hearts need to hear, and who knows but it might be what you need to hear.

Just an invite....

Hope to see you there.