For a few very hard years this word was my mantra.
The word means
-undismayed; not discouraged; not forced to abandon purpose or effort
-undiminished in courage or valor; not giving way to fear
But the truth is, I was often dismayed by everything that had taken place, and I did battle discouragement. I battled fear and doubts. I hurt and was angry, and sometimes "undaunted" sounded more like a mockery than a mantra, and I was determined to be real about all of it in these posts, thus the name, Undaunted Reality. More than that, though, I was determined to live undaunted, not because I'm so great or strong, but because my God is, and no matter what this world looks like, He is the only reality that matters.
I pray I live the reality of Him beautifully undaunted.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dear Parents, Being Real Makes Overcoming Real to Your Kids

Dear parents,

 Your kids really need to see you struggle and overcome.

I know that sounds crazy, but a dear friend and I were just talking about this Monday, how my kids think I'm all that and then some (which is nice but...). Sometimes that creates an unrealistic standard for them to live up to. Today, they are watching this amazing mom of theirs relearn call signs and learn a new phonetic alphabet, 10 codes, and signal codes. My brain is not as malleable at 46 as it was when I was 20, and this is a challenge. We often fear that our kids seeing us struggle will diminish us in their eyes, but every new code or phonetic call I learn, my kids are seeing me overcome. They are also seeing themselves overcome that hard sentence in French, all those nerves they have to memorize in advanced A&P, the next obstacle they face. As parents it is not our job to make our kids believe we handle all of life perfectly. It is our job to equip them to handle life, and that starts with the belief they actually CAN handle life.

Don't just tell them they can. SHOW them they can.

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