For a few very hard years this word was my mantra.
The word means
-undismayed; not discouraged; not forced to abandon purpose or effort
-undiminished in courage or valor; not giving way to fear
But the truth is, I was often dismayed by everything that had taken place, and I did battle discouragement. I battled fear and doubts. I hurt and was angry, and sometimes "undaunted" sounded more like a mockery than a mantra, and I was determined to be real about all of it in these posts, thus the name, Undaunted Reality. More than that, though, I was determined to live undaunted, not because I'm so great or strong, but because my God is, and no matter what this world looks like, He is the only reality that matters.
I pray I live the reality of Him beautifully undaunted.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

True Identity--A Word for Believers

Monday night I was at my worship group, and the Lord gave me the following word for the body of Christ. I want to empasize this is not a word of correction for the lost, but for believers who believe the name Christian equals a life of comfort. It means a life of uncompromising commitment, and that is usually far from comfortable.

The word the Lord spoke to me--

My people are walking around proclaiming to be royalty, but acting like spoiled brats. They don't know how empty their bank accounts are. There is a false teaching that says being my child buys you certain rights and certain comforts, I never promised that. I promised me...

Without me, you are bankrupt. Do you want to live on the pocket change or on the fullness?

I AM the fullness. Fullness is about my being King, not your being princes or princesses. It is all about me. ALL about me. I AM the one you write your checks on. You call yourselves princes and princesses. When will you quit living in mental, emotional, and spiritual poverty by focusing on who you are? Focus on who I AM and everything you have been missing will be released from my storehouse. Then you will live in my richness and your fullness will be complete. If you want to be who you really are, you need to focus on who I really am.

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